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Legal Services

The laws and regulations are confusing and often counter-intuitive.  Services range from simply answering questions and explaining the regulations to help with applying for a license or maintaining compliance.

Ben will give you all the answers he can and provide as much information to you as possible regarding the questions that cannot yet be answered.  He is the ideal resource for your consultation regarding the intersection of cannabis production and sales and the administrative, regulatory, and legal obstacles between you and your new business venture.

Ben’s  legal career has been about ensuring Constitutional protections through criminal defense and trying to keep the government’s power in check.  With the historic passage of WA Initiative 502 and the subsequent amendments to WA Code Section 69.50 and the enactment/creation of WAC Chapter 314-55, opportunities have arisen for many businesses.

The issue is a complicated one.  Washington, with Colorado, are pioneers.  For this State’s Rights ‘experiment’ to succeed and flourish, the interests of all parties must be balanced.  Strict compliance to Washington Administrative Codes and State law is of paramount importance.  So too must the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s policies, instructions, and restrictions be closely abided.

Some of the services offered:

  • Consultation
  • Applying for a license
  • Maintaining Regulatory Compliance
  • Compliance with Department of Revenue